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Reiki Courses

I have trained in Usui Reiki to Master teacher level and also Karuna Reiki Master teacher level. details of these can be seen in each corresponding page. 

I teach level 1, 2, Master/Practitioner and Master/Teacher and Karuna level 1 and 2 Practitioner or 2 Teacher. I usually teach in groups of 3 but one to one is available for an additional cost. The highlight of my Reiki journey was going to Kyoto, Japan,  to visit mount Kurama and the birthplace of Reiki. This was on a Reiki pilgrim with the Reiki grand Master Johannes Reindl. 


Crystal healing 1

Courses take place over 2 days. You will require a Crystal Pack which can be provided at a cost of £75.

I also offer Crystal Healing levels 2 and 3.

Cost for Level 1 is £175

Level 2 is £225

Level 3 is £300

Next course 27 - 28th January 

Reiki 2
Courses take place across 2 days between 10 and 4 with tea and lunch breaks, and with groups no larger than 3 people. Attunements can be performed in the treatment room or on the beach (weather permitting). Cost is £250.
Next course date to be confirmed

Reiki 1

These take place at the shop in groups no bigger than 3 people. The attunements will be performed in the treatment room here or on beach (weather permitting) should you wish. Courses are over 2 days between 10 and 4, with tea and lunch breaks. Cost is £200.

Next course date to be confirmed


Reiki Master/Practitioner
This level can only be taken after completion of level 2 with 9 months practice. 
October fully booked, but contact me should you wish to take this level.
Cost is £350
Reiki Master Teacher
This level is only available to those who have already completed Reiki Master/Practitioner and have been actively practising for at least two years, either within your own practice or through Reiki share groups. You must produce certificates proving the previous Reiki levels were conducted in person and not online.
Upon completion of this level you will be able to teach and attune others.
Cost is £450

Karuna® means 'compassionate action' and is a higher level of Reiki devised by William Rand (USA). It consists of similar healing techniques to Usui Reiki and you will gain knowledge of a further 10 symbols which offer a more precise healing action. This can only be taken following completion of Reiki Master Teacher level.
Contact me for possible course dates.

A deposit of £50 will be requested at time of booking. 

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